4 Internal Communications Trends To Get You Heard

Group e-mails. Large meetings. Video conferencing. Do you sometimes feel like you are banging your head against a wall when it comes to effectively communicating across company channels? How often does an employee tell you, “Oh I missed that e-mail, or “Oh I didn’t see that meeting on my calendar?”

Everyday employees are bombarded with e-mails, texts, meetings, and phone calls from outside sources and clients….is it any wonder that internal messaging often becomes background noise? To make sure that yours isn’t slipping through the filter, try these trends that can make sure that your message is heard and received loud and clear.

Speak In Sound Bites

Why do you think that Twitter is so popular? Because people don’t want to read pages of information. They want quick and to the point. Save the lengthy e-mails and opt for a quick text or online chat instead. The bottom line: when it comes to disseminating information quickly, keep it as short and sweet as possible.

Be Seen AND Heard

Video messaging is growing in popularity across the business world. Less formal than a meeting, it still allows for that face-to-face interaction that is becoming increasingly lacking in today’s high-tech world. It also allows for instant q&a to eliminate any confusion and by providing a way to hear tone and see expression, it reduces any misinterpretation of meaning.

Keep It Relevant and Personal

Don’t send an e-mail about recruitment to the accounting department, and don’t send information about corporate sales to human resources. While it is tempting to go the easy route and send out company-wide e-mails, if the information isn’t relevant to everyone, it will not resonate with anyone. Customize and personalize e-mails whenever possible. Not only does it eliminate a lot of unnecessary inbox crowding, it make employees feel valued when they know that someone has taken the time to tailor a message directly to them.

Be Social With Employees

While we aren’t suggesting that you “friend” your employees, creating a social media group specifically for departments or employees where you can post timely and relevant content is an effective way of meeting employees where they live. Engage on these platforms with interactive questions, idea shares and more. This approach feels more casual and encourages a feeling of connectedness and community much more so than the dreaded group e-mail.

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