5 Ways to Effectively Communicate to Non-Desk Employees

Hello? Is This Thing On?

Do you ever feel like you are communicating important information to your employees, but no one’s paying attention? You aren’t alone. Many employers find it difficult to disseminate information in a way that is effective, particularly in large organizations where the message has to trickle from the top all the way down.

While e-mails and web updates might seem like the obvious ways to reach the typical office worker, what about people like drivers, cashiers, or receivers? These non-desk employees are considered by most employers to be the most difficult segment of the workforce to reach. We’ve identified five low-cost ways to make sure that your information doesn’t get overlooked. Some of these methods may not be glamorous, but they are effective ways to make sure your message reaches everyone on your team.

Food For Thought

How many of us have stood in front of a microwave for 2-3 minutes while we heat up our lunch? Placing posters or flyers next to the microwave in your office kitchen or break room gives the employee something to read to pass the time until their food is ready.

Restroom Reading

As the Snicker’s slogan says, “Aren’t going anywhere for a while?” We warned you these weren’t all glamorous, but placing posters or flyers with important messages on stall doors or above urinals in the bathrooms is a great way to capture employee’s attention.

Huddle Up

Stand Up Meetings, Morning Huddles, whatever you want to call them, a short, 15-30 minute powwow once a week (or daily if necessary) is an effective way to gain a captive audience. Create a script or talking points for your managers, allowing them to be the company spokesperson and share important updates and company news. End the session by giving employees an opportunity to ask questions.


Remember when we used cell phones to make phone calls? These days, we use them for everything but talking. Our cell phones have become mini computers through which we communicate primarily via text. Though it can be costly for organizations to develop internal apps, many companies are surprised to find that is becoming more affordable, and more user friendly, to set up a texting program for their employees.

SMS platforms like SlickText (my personal favorite) and EZ Text allow you to set up your keyword in a matter of minutes and manage your entire program from your phone. Once it’s set up, all you need is an internal communications campaign to create awareness and roll it out.

Snail Mail

know what you’re thinking – snail mail is dead. In some cases that might be true. But in the world of employee communications, if you know what you’re doing it can still be an effective tool. To make sure that your message is seen, don’t send it out on a flyer or postcard. Through our employee focus groups, we’ve discovered that those get tossed out with the junk mail. However, if the content arrives in an envelope, the employee is far more likely to open it. Why? Because they assume it is important or personal.

Do you have a few low-cost communications tactics to reach your non-desk employees? Share them in the comments below…