Black-Owned Professional Service Firms

We are looking to put a list together of black-owned professional service firms. If you own a black owned professional services firm in Austin or San Antonio, please email with the name of your firm, website, and brief description, and we will share the list on LinkedIn—we can collectively elevate each other’s voice.


Name Description
Algorine We are a private Research Lab that spun out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to advance basic Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Optimization Research, and explore high-impact applications. Our software has been successfully used for design optimization in optics, routing (TSP), solar, wind, etc., as well as in Social Media Analytics.
Sandbox Commerce We build beautiful, fully customizable mobile apps for your store.


Name Description
Law Office of Dee Dee C. McKee, PLLC We assist business owners and corporate legal departments with the issues that they encounter, including commercial contracts, technology licensing, business law, corporate transactions, and outside general counsel services.
Walter Legal PLLC Ms. Walter handles intellectual property (patent, trademark, copyright) and business matters for her clients, who can count on her to dispense comprehensive, straightforward and practical legal advice to clients as they make critical decisions that impact the livelihood, security and profitability of their business endeavors.


Cardigan is an employer branding and internal communication consultancy that helps companies get the most from their people and culture.