You Better Recognize!

You Better Recognize

In today’s environment of constant organization change and increased competition for talent, it’s imperative that Operations and HR leaders focus on efforts to inspire and engage their employee population and counterbalance the stress of everyday organizational life.   One tried and true way to accomplish this is through employee recognition.  Even if your organization doesn’t have a formal recognition program, the…

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3 Things to Remember When Building a Brand

“Brand,” is one of the hottest words in business today, but does anyone really know what it means? The common misconception is that a brand is a logo or a style guide, but while those things are certainly brand components, they are not the brand. A brand speaks to an overall feeling. It’s what people think or feel about a…

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Startup Your Company Culture

One of your most important roles as a business owner is defining and curating your company culture. A good company culture ensures a strong connection between your product, purpose, people and work environment to support your long-term strategy. When we started Cardigan, we talked up our company to our friends and told them how we help companies get the most…

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6 Steps to Create a Culture of Health

An organization is only as strong as its people, so in order to operate at its best, employees need to be at their best. From a numbers perspective, the cost of health care to both employers and employees is on the rise, while at the same time we are seeing a decline in overall health with specific rises in obesity,…

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Get Up, Trinity – Getting Unstuck

We all get stuck… and for someone who is a fan of progress, it’s really frustrating. I usually get stuck when I don’t know where to start with a project or when tackling a problem, when it’s not clear what good looks like, and the one we can all relate to… when the amount of work you have to do…

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What Does Whitney Houston Have to Do with Change Management?

Managing change isn’t easy, but discovering the conditions needed to make your change possible isn’t hard.  You just have to ‘Ask Good Questions.’  Two questions inspired by Whitney Houston (this is around the 7:30 mark). Cardigan Managing Director, Harold Hardaway, shares his thoughts on the role of communication in the change management process on the latest ChangeNerd webcast with Brian…

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4 Ways to Make Your Company Culture Shine Online

More than a paycheck or job title, job seekers are looking for organizations with values that match their own. When people come to work, they want to be appreciated and challenged — and they want to do what they do best every day. Anyone who has worked for more than one organization knows how company culture can significantly impact all these factors…

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