Get Up, Trinity – Getting Unstuck

We all get stuck…

and for someone who is a fan of progress, it’s really frustrating.

I usually get stuck when I don’t know where to start with a project or when tackling a problem, when it’s not clear what good looks like, and the one we can all relate to… when the amount of work you have to do seems insurmountable.

This is usually when you turn to Netflix, look at Instagram memes, or use any avoidance technique. You do anything but make progress.

TBH, I’m feeling stuck right now, so I’ve decided to write about it in the hopes that it gets me over the hump.

Let’s talk about The Matrix

I might be dating myself, but my inspiration for getting unstuck comes from one of my favorite scenes in a movie – the opening scene of The Matrix. The bad guy, Agent Smith, chases one of the main characters, Trinity. Trinity makes a daring and impressive leap from one rooftop to another, dives through the rooftop door, and tumbles down a staircase. She quickly turns at the bottom of the stairs to face the door, guns out, just waiting for Agent Smith to come after her.  You’d think she’d immediately get up and run, but she doesn’t.  As a viewer you’re screaming, “RUN.”

She’s stuck.

She so afraid of what could happen that she isn’t taking any action to move forward. Then she said three words that I’ve never forgotten…

“Get Up, Trinity.”

She knows, at that moment, she can sit there and wait for Agent Smith to show up, but if she does, she will die. With those three words, she wills herself to get up and escape.

I like to call these moments in life a G.U.T. Check (get it? Get Up Trinity).

Over the course of my life, those three words have served as motivation for me when I feel stuck because…

  1. If it can happen to a badass like Trinity, I shouldn’t feel too bad when it happens to me.
  2. I’m reminded that nothing good comes from doing nothing.
  3. I also know that everything I need to get over this is within me.

I had this conversation with a friend yesterday and he told me that his version of Get Up Trinity is “Wake Up, Pearl. Wake Up.”

What do you say to yourself when you need to get unstuck?  Share in the comments below…