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Angie Cartwright One of things I enjoyed about the project was the research on the brand. The series of questions they asked led to the creation of a member persona and really helped us realize the value of the group. Praneeth P, ATX HR 1 2 Placeholder Two I would absolutely recommend Cardigan. They have been an absolute delight. The process of coming up with our brand was smooth and fast and they got it right the first time. Angie C., ATX HR 1 2

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Our Process


The Ask

Project Goals

This part of the process is focused on getting alignment on the problem we are trying to solve and the outcomes we seek—or as we like to say “what good looks like.”


It’s the dig because sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to get to the truth, and it’s a key component to getting it right the first time. We use a combination of quantitative (e.g. surveys) and qualitative (e.g. interviews and focus groups) to help us test assumptions and find the path.

The Dig


The Truth


The summary of all of our research efforts are presented back to you along with our proposed path to move forward. We reconfirm The Ask and get ready to work.


This is the where we turn our learnings and strategy into action, campaigns, websites, videos, and events to bring what was on paper to life for you and your employees in a meaningful and high impact way.

The Work


The Trial


When the project allows for it, we test messaging or programs to help us fine-tune our approach prior to launch. It adds a little time to the project, but what you gain in learnings is invaluable.


The last phase of the project is the launch. It’s the culmination of all of our efforts in research, development, and testing. But you can say this is where the work really begins.

The Finale


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