Your COVID-19 Return to Work Plan: You Only Get 1 Shot to Get it Right!

It might sound like lyrics from an Emimen song, but, in such sensitive and uncharted times, your return to work plan can have the greatest affect on your culture, employee retention, and employer branding.  Take the guess work out of developing your strategy with best in class employee research.

To support you, Cardigan is offering COVID-19 Pulse Surveys and Digital Employee Focus Groups and Interviews. The combination of quantitative and qualitative research ensures that you get a reliable and valid understanding of where your employees are, their desires, and preferences


Our online survey includes two indices—COVID-19 & Employee Engagement—along with any questions that are specific areas of concern for your organization.

COVID-19 Index

Our Pulse survey includes a COVID-19 Index to help you understand your employees’ opinion of the company response to COVID-19.

Engagement Index

Our pulse survey includes an Engagement Index which gauges your employees willingness to go above and beyond and expend extra effort to help the company succeed.


Gather your employees to gain an in-depth understanding of where you can improve, a measurement of their feelings about your current culture, and insight into what you should do in the future that numbers can’t describe.  Since most are still sheltered in place, all focus groups are done via Zoom to encourage social distancing.

If you are interested in learning more about our research services fill out our contact form and we will personally follow up with you to get  started.


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